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Retro games are played both by older generations and younger audiences, for multiple reasons: nostalgia, curiosity, the different experience they provide, and being more challenging. On this website we have tried to analyse the phenomenon of retro Flash games and determine its ups and downs. The information may be more captivating for older gamer generations, but we hope it will be interesting for younger generations as well. Here are some titles available here:

  • Highly-successful retro flash games
  • Reasons why retro flash games are better
  • Advantages of Flash for retro game programming
  • What is causing the decline of retro Flash games?
  • Websites where you can play retro Flash games online
  • Advantages and disadvantages of retro game emulation
  • Reasons why people play retro Flash games

If you have ever played these games in your childhood or you are discovering them just know, the following aspects might make you curious:

  • What is one of the simplest yet most popular video games launched in the early 70s
  • How old is the Space Invaders video game
  • What is the most iconic arcade game in history
  • What arcade game had multiplayer mode with 4 characters to choose from
  • What are some remakes of Super Mario
  • How the world of retro gaming is actually more diverse
  • How old games were more focused on single-player mode
  • Why retro games have a special appeal
  • Why with retro games you have faster access to the game world
  • Why old games were more challenging and provided a more intense experience
  • Why game developers were more creative back in those days
  • Why Flash is being used for recreating old video games
  • What are the main advantages of Flash technology
  • Why retro Flash games are starting to lose popularity
  • Why games recreated in Flash have a low perceived value
  • What are the disadvantages of playing games online
  • What titles you can find on websites where you can play retro Flash games
  • What is retro game emulation and what are its advantages and drawbacks
  • What are the performance costs of emulation
  • Some legal aspects of game emulation
  • Why retro games are becoming popular with younger generations
  • How is the experience provided by retro games different from modern gaming experiences
  • What are the effects of the new wave of retro games popularity

Retro games have something about them that make them memorable, that’s for sure. Even if you haven’t played these titles for years, you probably still have in mind some of their sound effects. So, if you miss those times, you don’t need to look for the old console at your parents’ house or to buy one at a huge price – you can give retro gaming a try by accessing Flash remakes. It’s easy, cheap, and a lot of fun, and if a retro game really catches your attention, you can purchase the hardware needed to play it. Until then, try your hand at online retro Flash games and see what you like best. It can remain a pastime activity that doesn’t require much effort and commitment or become a true passion.

Next to retro games, we’re focussing on the modern classic Fortnite: Battle Royale as well.