How to Boost Your Game with the Best Fortnite Settings

There’s no denying that in the current online craze, Fortnite is one of the most fun and most challenging FPS games to reach the world stage.  One of the best features of the game is just how many people can jump in, have fun, and improve their skills.  Before you can really enjoy Fortnite to its fullest, though, you’ll need to get the best settings for your game.

One of the most important concepts to understand when deciding on the best Fortnite settings for your computer is that, sometimes, the highest graphics settings aren’t actually the best when it comes to boosting your ability to play the game.  Sure, games look great on ultra, but they might not give you the competitive edge you’re really looking for.  If you want your game to flow with your gameplay, you need optimized settings.

Here’s a few solid guidelines for achieving the gameplay that will get you to the competitive play you deserve:


Guideline #1: Optimize for FPS

When it comes to FPS (first-person shooter) games, you always want to prioritize FPS (frames per second!)  Your game’s FPS has an enormous impact on your ability to aim, move, and position structures.  With a steady FPS, most other graphical settings, even if set to lower settings, will not impact your gameplay.

Most modern games, Fortnite included, allow you to see which graphical settings tax your machine the most.  By simply moving your mouse over the settings, you’ll see a tooltip that will rate the resource demand of each individual setting.  By lowering high-demand settings, you can ensure your FPS is at a steady 60 FPS, ensuring you’ll never miss a shot because of your hardware.


Guideline #2: Reduce Clutter!

One of the most surprising settings that you’ll see professional streamers using is low particle effects and low ground clutter.  You’ll often find that professional players turn down the settings for vegetation and visual decorations as well.  The reason for this is twofold; First, vegetation and visual flair both impact your game’s performance heavily while not adding much to the experience of competitive shooters.

While single-player games are truly enjoyable with the highest settings possible, in the heat of competitive, online, battle-royale combat, you’re unlikely to even notice the shrubbery, flags, cactuses, and grass details that are included as set dressings to the game.

The second reason that professional Fortnight players tend to include reduced clutter in their best Fortnite settings is because, sometimes, purely cosmetic objects like grass can make it harder to see the enemy!  The chance that you’ll be blind to an enemy in a competitive game inspires many pro players to lower the details settings even if they have top-of-the-line computer.


Guideline #3: Check Your DPI

Do you know what your mouse’s DPI is?  DPI – Dots Per Inch – is a term that originates from the printing industry.  It essentially determines how sensitive the sensor of your mouse is.  DPI settings are changeable on many computer mice, you don’t necessarily need to have a devoted gaming mouse.

To determine the best Fortnite settings for DPI, check your mouse’s unique options, and then try aiming in Fortnite with different DPI settings.  The ideal DPI setting will allow you to adjust in-game sensitivity comfortably without making aiming too slow or too fast.  With the right DPI settings, you’ll find yourself using your arm to aim instead of your wrist, which is better ergonomically and competitively!

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