Best 4 Flash Games to Play in 2017

Let’s face it – with all the apps and easy to download games, flash games are slowly being forced into the back of the line. However, flash games are used to waste time and find something to do outside of using Twitter and Facebook.

Flash games have come a long way from the original vector beginnings. Now they are finding their way into websites to become fully-featured and even more complex than the original.

From Pac-Man to Max Dirt Bike, we’ve got the best 4 flash games to play in 2017.

Super Mario 63

Based on a fan-made platform, Super Mario 63 gets a remake with 2D levels of high peaks and arid desserts. This version offers levels where players can triple jump, sprint, and ground pound their way to rescue Princess Peach. The basic controls are assumed to be simple, yet are proven difficult to use. The game features all the favorite qualities in a Mario game. This gives it a classic familiarity with something completely unique.

Rogue Soul

This title platform allows players to get in the role of a ninja named Rogue Soul, who takes pride in being the city’s infamous thief. The story goes as his rival bandit then takes over the praise. Rogue Soul then makes it his mission to reclaim his title and go through a series of levels. Players will enjoy running, jumping, and sliding their way through the cartoon streets.

Age of War

Starting in the age of dinosaurs, the game soon moves onto medieval times, the modern age, and eventual flying tanks. Despite the changes in the game, it still maintains a simple design with a primary goal. The aim is to protect the base and destroy their rivals and opponents. This allows players to build an army as well as both modern and prehistoric turrets.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The Original version was one of the best tower-based games that require players to build towers to fight off dragons, plants and other characters to protect your kingdom.

What is your favorite flash game to play? Comment below and share your favorites with us!