7 reasons why people play retro Flash games

Retro Flash games are classic games, mainly from the 80s and 90s, which were originally available on coin operated equipment or on consoles and which have been remade for computers and mobile devices. The experience provided by these remakes may not be the same as the original one, and yet multiple generations of gamers play these titles, especially online. What determines people to play retro Flash games? Here are some reasons:

Donkey Kong

1. Nostalgia

Nostalgia is definitely the first reason why present day gamers play these titles. Remakes of Pac-Man, Space Invaders, or Donkey Kong remind them of their childhood or teenage and transport them back to those times again. Older generations tend to consider cool what was cool when they were kids or teenagers, and may simply not be attracted by the last innovations, which they see as meaningless.

2. Curiosity

It’s not only your dad who plays retro games; people in your generation can enjoy them as well. Retro Flash games have managed to attract younger generations as well, who play them out of curiosity or simply because they are so different from today’s games. And some people end up enjoying them more than the current stuff, even if they were not even born when these retro games were first launched. Consider this – if you are a movie enthusiast, at some point you will watch old titles as well, just to do your homework. The same thing happens with retro games, and some of them have regained their popularity, because a good idea remains a good idea, no matter how much time has passed since it was developed.

3. Convenience

Game Over screen

With retro Flash games, all you need to do is access a website providing such titles, choose the title that catches your attention, and start playing. You don’t need to install a game to your computer, use an emulator, or pay a good sum of money on an old console. If you are just a nostalgic person and not a crazy retro games fan, this solution is perfect for you.

4. The experience they provide

Modern games tend to eat more of your time until you start enjoying them. With retro games, gratification is almost instant and gamers find that they can immerse into that fictional world almost instantly. At the same time, you can get out of it whenever you want, while with modern games you are forced to watch tutorials, wait for multiple loading screens, and make character customizations. These are definitely not the kind of game you play in a spare fifteen minutes. And the saying “Less is more” is not so popular without a reason. It’s true that a game remade in Flash is not the same thing as the original one, but yet, there are people who find them better than big-budget titles recently launched.

5. They are more challenging

Retro games are known for being harder, even if they are less complex. Modern games follow the same trend we can see with every aspect of human activity – making things easier. It’s easier to watch a video than to read; it’s easier to order food than to cook; it’s easier to use disposable items than to wash. However, not everyone likes to take it so easy and there are still audiences who like a game where you only have three lives and three mistakes in five seconds mean game over.

Old console controller

6. Cost-effectiveness

Since retro gaming is becoming more mainstream, the cost of old games is rising because of passionate collectors. Old consoles are not being produced anymore and collectors need to settle for whatever is left on the market. The demand is becoming higher, while the offer stays limited, which means that costs rise and you end up paying for an old console a price comparable to a new one. The same thing happens with the games themselves, as classic game fans are building vast collections. So, if you like retro games but are not an avid collector, you can enjoy the old titles at any time by playing online versions recreated in Flash – you don’t need to spend money at al.

Playing video games

7. A new wave of popularity

When something becomes popular, you are more tempted to have a look at it and consider it fashionable. Whatever has caused the new wave of popularity for retro games, it’s obvious that the simple fact of being considered valuable by some makes an object seem valuable to others as well. Fashion is a source of excitement and old titles are often spoken of in terms of video game art and legacy. Retro gaming is also a matter of preservation – when something is considered valuable, you don’t want to see it perishing and you start advocating for its salvation.

Space Invaders

So, are you a fan of retro Flash games? What determines you to play these games? What do you think are some other reasons why these games are popular again?