5 Most Iconic Flash Games of All Time 

Let’s suppose that you’re sitting at work or at home with nothing to do. You’ve got all your work done and looking for something fun to do. That is where flash games come in.

People enjoy playing online flash games as they are a great way to pass time. For some, online flash games are a favorite hobby that has lasted for years. In this list, we have put together the most well-known flash games in no particular order.

Check out these 5 most iconic flash games of all time.


First known a Diamond Min, the classic game involves moving gems of multiple colors to create sets larger than three before the time runs out. This simple game is easy but also challenging and highly addictive.

Line Rider 

Ever played this game? Line Rider is assumed to be a simple game. However, you will soon realize that each level will become far from simple. Every level will lead you to frustration with nearly impossible courses to beat.

Helicopter Game 

While the new version of the game is considered to be Flappy Bird, the helicopter game was the original challenge. This game took the master of mouse-tapping to the next level. The objective of the game is to keep the helicopter from touching the edges.  It might sound easy, but it is quite a challenge to get a high score.

Crimson Room

If you’re not a patient person, this isn’t a game you will want to try. However, if you enjoy solving problems, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end. The game starts in a red room with that requires your wits to beat the challenge.

For a simple game to enjoy, bloons is as fun and simple as they may come. The objective of the game is to burst as many balloons as you can with the help of the monkey. There are about 50 levels to get through as each presents a harder challenge to beat.

Are any of your favorite flash games on our list? Comment below and tell us your favorites!